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Precision in Every Dimension

Empowering your space designs with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Welcome to Image Productions, where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous accuracy in the field of 3D laser scanning. At the heart of our services lies a profound commitment to precision, providing architects, interior designers, and project managers with the foundational data they need to bring their visions to life. Our expert team of surveyors and certified professionals harnesses the power of advanced 3D laser scanning to deliver accurate, detailed scans of buildings, rooms, and structures.

Step into a world where every measurement matters, every detail is precise, and every project begins with confidence. We ensure this through our meticulously designed process, from initial Planning to the final Delivery of your project.
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Our experienced team works with each client to understand their project scope and provide optimal solutions.

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Highly-trainned project managers efficiently scan each site with state-of-the art 3D laser scanner, capturing millions of data points.

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Engineers register and process the point cloud, removing noise and setting the coordinate system to provide the mostprecise measurements.

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Point cloud, 2D and 3D deliverables are created in-house, giving clients the ability to effectively plan, design, construct and manage projects.

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We are dedicated to serving and satisfying clients, delivering the highest quality data and models on time and on budget.

Software Compability
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Embrace the future of precision with our 3D Scanning services. We leverage cutting-edge technology to transform your vision into detailed digital realities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for every project.
  • Point Cloud Survey / Scanning / 3D DIGITAL TWIN
  • Virtual Reality Walkthrough / 360 PANORAMIC IMAGES  
  • SCAN TO Floorplans
  • ⁠⁠Room Scans for Renders
  • Scan to BIM
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